Computer science




    For the RASPBERRY pi accessories RASPBERRY pi-power supply for the RASPBERRY pi expansion card

  • Network

    It hardware to the network. - POWERLINE-adapter. Cable RJ-45,switch,router,adapter, RJ 45 connector,RJ45,

  • Inverter

    UPS, UPS for PC, UPS-box, ADSL-UPS EATON UPS for home-automation-box.

  • Hard drive

    Hard disk , SATA hard disk, hard disk 3.5"

  • SD card

    SD card

  • Odroid

    Odroid Single-board computer

    Odroid Single Board computer with a wide range of useful peripherals developed for use in a variety of embedded systems applications.

  • Cable

    Computer cable

  • Bay

    Wall cabinet bay

    Wall cabinet bay for computer or video surveillance