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DIO CHACON - wireless-module DIO CHACON building technology , switch back and forth , Wi-Fi,switch, switches, radio

Wireless module DIO CHACON

The house of technology presents to you in this category, all of the RF modules of the series, DIO CHACON, to order, light,shutters,sockets... These modules are very easy to assemble.You can add a command, without pulling wire.

Wireless module DIO CHACON

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CHACON 54524 - Universal...

CHACON 54524 - Universal drive module 200 W

Module CHACON 54524 drive 200 W wireless receiver.

Dimmer for remotely controllable lighting circuit.

Compatible LED and compact fluorescent lamp!

Wireless dimmer simple to install!

Price €28.90
CHACON 54790 - Micro Wall...

CHACON 54790 - Micro Wall Plug Module

CHACON 54790 - Micro Wall Plug Module

Micro module CHACON 54790 to control a wall socket.

Wireless CHACON DIO module behind all commercial sockets!

CHACON DIO module simple and quick to install!

Price €29.90
Chacon 54534 - Dimmer socket 200w radio 433Mhz

Outlet dimmer 200w Chacon 54534

Making universal variable speed drive 200-Watt CHACON.

Compatible DIO.Allows you to control any device without a tier of cable.

Ordered by box home automation MYFOX.

Price €28.90