Our company

Our company is the result of 25 years of experience in the trades of the audio-visual,video surveillance,home automation,intrusion detection,access controls,automation and information technology.

Our experience in the integration of audio visual ,video surveillance ,system design embedded computing and project management national and international,have allowed us to select of the products at the price / quality ratio unbeatable.

The home automation is based on the networking of various electrical home appliances, controlled by an "intelligence central". The intellect that handles these orders is a central, programmable, embedded modules (home gateways), or an interface micro-computer (touch screen, server, ...). The monitoring tools can be a handheld computer, a mobile phone or smartphone, a remote control (universal or not), an interface on the tv, a screen + mouse or a touch screen, to name the main ones.

Thus, it is possible to program your own home with an interface, (usually computer), linking the connected devices :

  • switch on the watering of the garden at a certain hour of the day.
  • control the lights
  • to maintain a given temperature in the house.
  • open the shutters at a particular time.
  • enclecher/trigger an alarm.
  • check his house for surveillance.
  • alert in case of a fall of a person.
  • home automation has no limits only your imagination a.(space-to-automation)

In addition, it is possible, with more complex adjustments, to adapt the system to his own rhythm of life, and (in planning " scenarios ").

Our business for the past 25 years is to integrate sytémes complex in all of these areas.

It is for this reason that today we are going to share with you our experience.

We are not vendors but system integrators...