Hikvision AX Pro alarm panel and accessories DS-PWA96 DS-PWA64 pack

Hikvision AX Pro

Hikvision AX Pro alarm panel and accessories

The Hikvision AX Pro alarm system is a complete range of advanced security systems, designed by Hikvision, a global leader in video surveillance and security solutions. The AX Pro Series stands out for its innovative features, reliability, and easy integration into a variety of residential and business environments.

The Ax Pro alarm panel is equipped with Wi-Fi, LAN and GPRS /3G/4G communication methods to make the system more stable and secure.

Key features of the Hikvision ax pro alarm:

  • Advanced wireless technology : AX Pro systems use sophisticated wireless technologies to ensure stable and secure communication between different devices, without the need for complex cabling.

  • Accurate detection : Featuring motion sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke and gas sensors, these systems provide comprehensive coverage to detect any suspicious activity or potential danger.

  • Integration with video surveillance : AX Pro alarms can be easily integrated with Hikvision surveillance cameras, enabling real-time video monitoring in the event of an alarm being triggered.

  • Management via mobile app : Through the Hik-Connect mobile app, users can monitor and control their alarm system remotely, receiving instant notifications in case of an alert.

  • Ease of installation : The modular design and clear instructions allow for quick and easy installation, even for non-professionals.

Hikvision AX Pro

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