Box home automation to control your home automation installation: MyFox Home Center 2 the Home Center Lite,EEDOMUS,VERA EDGE,ZODIANET,ZIPABOX... home automation Box at discount prices.


  • Aeotect Smarthings
  • Zipabox

    Box building technology Zipabox. Accessories for the home-automation-box Zipabox.

  • Eedomus More

    Box home-automation-Eedomus More. Accessories compatible Eedomus More. Pack house technology Eedomus More.

  • Homey
  • Tahoma

    Box home automation system Tahoma. Accessories compatible with Tahoma. Pack the home automation system Tahoma.

  • Energeasy Connect

    Box building technology Energeasy. Accessories compatible Energeasy. Pack house technology Energeasy.

  • Home Center 2

    Box home automation Home Center 2.Box home automation-the Home Center Lite. Accessories compatible with the Home Center 2 Fibaro .

  • Gateway Risco

    Gateway Z-Wave-Risco. Accessories-compatible gateway, Z-Wave Risco

  • Devolo

    Gateway Z-Wave Plus, Devolo, accessories, compatible, Devolo

  • Vera More

    Vera And More . The compatible accessories box home automation-Vera More

  • Raspberry PI

    Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi3 , pack Raspberry Pi3 Z-Wave Plus package , Raspberry Jeedom, pack Raspberry pi3 Domoticz

  • Tydom
  • Ubiwizz
  • Je compose mon kit
  • Box domotique XIAOMI...
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items