YOKIS MTV500E - Distance digital
  • YOKIS MTV500E - Distance digital

YOKIS MTV500E - Distance digital

VAT included

Distance digital MTV500E YOKIS.


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Distance digital MTV500E YOKIS.

Compatible LED lamps incandescent and halogen 230V, TBT 12V transformer ferro or electronic, tranformarteur-ring, universal motor or asynchronous.

Economic, consumption is proportional to the change.

Nice, it offers a light, and a gradual termination.

Easy Installation without neutral behind any push button. Centralization possible by wire driver.

Are in modular version (MTV500M). Also exists in a version of timed (MTVT500E or M)

The micro-modules Yokis are high-technology products that combine ergonomics, economy and safety.
They allow you to achieve solutions of centralization-by-wire driver and / or pilot radio, with no limit to number of receivers.
Miniatures, they are placed behind any push button and thus leaving the client free choice of switchgear series.

Features :

Variation by a long press of 3% to 100% for powers from 5 to 500W.

  • Double memory :
    - The last lighting level is stored to be retrieved at each new level of support.
    - The lighting at 100% is found easily by 2 bearings short on the BP.

  • Circuit breaker integrated in the case of a short-circuit on the load automatic reset after disappearance of the defect.

  • Increases the life of light bulbs and switches.

  • Works with BP-led (20 max) by adding the accessory BV40 (Ref. 5454071).

  • Mains voltage: 230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50HZ
  • Power: mini. 5VA max. 500VA (300VA if sealed box)
  • Intensity: 1.3 A max. 2.2 A
  • Temperature operating: -20°C + 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 99%
  • Dimension :35mm*37mm*12mm

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