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Risco manufacturer of electronic security equipment

Risco manufacturer of electronic security equipment

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Risco RP512EZ16 - Module extension 16 zone central ProSYS

Risco RP512EZ16 - Module...

Risco RP512EZ16 module extension 16 zone central alarm ProSYS

Price €86.35
Risco Wicomm RW332G30000A - 3G GSM Module

Risco Wicomm Pro...

Risco Wicomm Pro RW332G30000A 3G GSM module

Price €149.10
Risco LightSYS - Module extension 8 zones

Risco RP296E08 - Module...

Risco module expansion 8 outputs a central alarm LightSYS and ProSYS

Price €64.52
Risco iWave - IRP detector animal immunity

Risco iWave RWX95086800C -...

Risco iWave RWX95086800C IRP detector

Price €62.40
Risco RP512G3 - Module, IGSM 3G with antenna

Risco RP512G3 - Module GSM...

Risco RP512G3 GSM module, 3G with antenna

Price €236.65
Risco RWT51P80000A - Bracelet wireless panic

Risco RWT51P80000A -...

Risco RWT51P80000A bracelet panic

Price €41.94
Agility Risco - Central Alarm RTC

Agility Risco - Central...

Agility Risco central alarm IP

Price €390.71
Risco RW132KL2P - Slim Keypad proximity reader

Risco RW132KL2P - Slim...

Risco RW132KL2 keyboard Slim proximity reader

Price €104.27
Risco LightSys plus - Central wired alarm connected IP WIFI

Risco LightSys Plus -...

Risco LightSys Plus Central Wired Alarm Connected IP WIFI

Price €286.37
Agility 4 alarm - Risco Agility 4 IP/RTC wireless home alarm

Agility 4 alarm - Risco...

Risco Agility 4 wireless home alarm IP / GSM 3G

Alarm connected

Price €557.80
Risco LightSYS - Central alarm wired connected with keypad

Risco LightSYS - Central...

Risco LightSYS central alarm wired connected with keypad

Price €373.50
Risco RWS42086800A - Siren alarm indoor

Risco RWS42086800A - Siren...

Risco RWS42086800A siren alarm indoor

Price €124.66