FGS-213 - Fibaro Micro module switch z-wave more

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FGS-213 micro-module Z-WAVE MORE FIBARO

Module FGS-213 allows you to command a lighting circuit in ON/OFF mode.

It can also connect to a intérrupteur existing.


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FGS-213 micro-module Z-WAVE MORE FIBARO allows you to control electrical devices in switching mode and can connect behind an existing switch.

Attention, this module requires the neutral to work. The output is not potential-free, it does not control a dry contact or a load having a different supply voltage than the input.

The micro-module FGS-213 works as the ON/OFF switch.

The micro-module FGS 213 has the function of measurement of power and energy to control your consumption.

The module Z-wave More FGS-213 has a terminal for wire cables of high section.

The module Z-wave More FGS-213 has a status LED to verify the inclusion, the strength of the signal,the update of the module.

You can manage the software of the module FGS-213.

 The module Z-wave More FGS-213 incorporates many of the security measures that protects a voltage drop, overheating or an overload .

The module Z-wave More FGS-213 allows you to set the thresholds higher and lower for energy consumption. Once the limit is exceeded, the module can notify you or automatically turn off the device.


  • Order a lighting/remote camera

  • Installs behind existing switch

  • Function ON/OFF

  • Integrates the chip Z-Wave 500 series

  • Communication 250% faster compared to devices Z-Wave standard

  • Mechanism of activation of built-in scene

  • Classes of security communication and notification

  • Menu configuration with a diode

  • Measurement of the energy and the power of the connected devices

  • Supports the secure mode (the Security of the Z-Wave network) encrypted with encoding AES-128

  • Tester network coverage Z-Wave integrated

  • A software update OTA (depends on controller)

  • Terminal blocks for greater wiring convenience

  • Rounded shape to meet the most stringent standards

  • Use it goes and comes

  • Use in place of an energy supply trip-switch

  • Small, discrete and aesthetic

  • Ease of use and installation

  • Type of module : Receiver Z-Wave

  • Power supply : 100 - 240V~, 50/60Hz

  • Wiring : 3-wire, neutral required

  • Max power : 8A (resistive load only)

  • Frequency : 868,42 Mhz

  • Transmission Distance : 50m free field, up to 40 m indoors

  • Signal power : 1mW

  • Dimensions: 42.5 mm x 38.25 to mm x 20.3 mm (L x w x h)

  • Operating temperature : 0-35°C

  • Standards :

    • EMC 2014/30/EU

    • RED 2014/53/EU

    • RoHS 2011/65/EU

    • LVD 2014/35/EU


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