Raspberry PI3 - Raspberry Pi3 pack with power supply and case

VAT included

Raspberry Pi3 B Model (WiFi and Bluetooth).

Raspberry PI3 for each solution, home automation at discount prices.

Pack with case,power supply,cable,keyboard...

Comes with card 16 Gb Transcend!

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Raspberry Pi3 B Model (WiFi and Bluetooth).

The new card Raspberry Pi3 brings more processing power and integrates Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi.

The Raspberry Pi3 is based on an ARM processor miniature, and the size of a credit card.

The Raspberry PI3 B model connects to a screen or a tv via a HDMI and a keyboard.

The operating system loads directly on a micro SD card, thus allowing a backup, and loading very easy.

The Raspberry Pi3 B model can be used for many applications, either for use as a desktop computer (spreadsheets, word processing, etc.), but also as media center (Raspbmc, OpenElec), player Squeezebox (SqueezePlug), PABX with Asterisk (Asterisk for Raspberry), but also server automation (RaZberry, Open Remote, Domoticz, JEEDOM, ...).

This pack includes the housing official ,the power and the pack cable that includes Mini keyboard, mouse, audio cable 3.5 mm Jack-Jack Cables, HDMI, RJ45 cable CAT5e


  • New micro-processor and Chispet : a new processor ARM Cortex-A7 900MHz quad core.

  • Communicating in wireless : comes with Bluetooth technologies and Wi-fi : no need to appeal to any extensions or USB devices

  • Backwards compatible : you can use the extensions and applications that are designed for the first models of the Raspberry (GPIO) and all the keypads that are compatible Raspberry B+ / Raspberry 2 model B.

  • 40-pin extended GPIO

  • 2 x 2 USB ports

  • Jack 4-pole audio and Composite video

  • HDMI-high-definition

  • Port camera CSI to connect the camera to Raspberry Pi

  • Display Port DSI to connect the touch screen Raspberry Pi

  • Card reader Micro SD to load your operating system and store your data

  • Power Source Micro USB

  • The format of the card remains completely compatible with cameras designed for the model Raspberry Pi 2

  • Version : Type PI 3 B

  • Processor :

    • Chipset Broadcom BCM2837 clocked at 1.2 GHz

    • ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit quad-core

  • Graphics card : multimedia Coprocessor Videocore IV® dual-core

  • Memory : 1gb LPDDR2

  • Connectivity :

    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

    • Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth Classic and LE)

  • Connections :

    • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

    • 1 connector video/audio HDMI

    • 1 connector video/audio RCA

    • 4 sockets, USB 2.0

    • Socket for micro SD card

    • Power socket, Micro-USB

    • 3.5 mm Jack for audio output and composite video

    • Header for GPIO and serial buses (40-pin)

    • Antenna CMS

    • Connector, CSI camera

    • Connector screen Raw LCD (DSI)

  • Power supply : 5V - 2.5 A via MicroUSB or header GPIO

  • Dimensions : 85,60 mm x 56mm x 17mm



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