Somfy sensor power consumption joule effect
  • Somfy sensor power consumption joule effect

Somfy sensor power consumption joule effect

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Somfy sensor power consumption joule effect

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Somfy sensor power consumption joule effect

The sensor power consumption/joule effect allows to measure the consumption of the equipment of the house, control areas, electric heating and a hot water tank. It is on these circuits as a function of s radio data received (protocol io-homecontrol®). The measures of consumption on these specialized circuits are also available.


  • 1: sensor Supply consumption electric joule effect (230V - 50 Hz)
  • 2: Switch peak / off-peak hours (for mechanical counter)

  • 3: Output Over Driver Area 1

  • 4: Output Over Driver Area 2

  • 5: Tele-information electronic meter EDF

  • 6: Connecting IT to the extent of the heating

  • 7: Connect IT to the measurement of sanitary hot water

  • 8: Connection TI to the extent of consumption of the catch (Diagram A), or the total consumption (figure B).

  • 9: Output driving of the water heater

  • 10: Button programming

  • 11: LED information*

    • *Led tele-information (Indicator Z1 green): steady Green : normal operation - flashing Green : linking problem with the electric meter, Tele-information (non-connected).

    • *Led load Shedding (Light Z2 green) : steady Green : a cycle of load shedding in progress

If the Tele-information is connected and that the instantaneous fuel consumption is approaching the maximum of your subscription power, the zones of heating are temporarily jettisoned in order to avoid a power outage general.


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