Certification A2P

A2P, the trusted certification for protective equipment that, by its reliability and resistance, provides enhanced safety.

A2P certification is obtained after:

  • laboratory tests;

  • an audit of the manufacturing site(s).

Periodic inspections are carried out to maintain the certification:

  • an annual audit of the manufacturing site(s);

  • laboratory evaluations (modifications, variants, etc.)

A2P certification:

  • it is the recognition of the performance and reliability of products;

  • it is the guarantee of a quality recognized by security professionals.

NF&A2P certification "Electronic security equipment"

The NFA2P certification is the application of two certifications the NF (French standard) and the A2P << Electronic Security Equipment>>

It is issued jointly by AFNOR CERTIFICATION and CNPP Cert

The NFA2P standard has no European equivalence

The NFA2P standard is part of the NF 324-H58 repository << Electronic Security Equipment>> available here

The NFA2 P Standard certifies that the products covered:

  • meet defined technical specifications (overall security level, level of access and autonomy),

  • come from a production whose quality is controlled

Products covered:

  • central alarms and telephone transmitters,

  • detectors (infrared, shocks, contact aperture, movement, ...),

  • audible warning devices, bright with flashes,

  • power supplies, bypass boxes, intermediate organs,

  • access control units,

  • smoke/fog generators.